Let’s talk about how Suyin is the badass mother the Avatar franchise has been needing since forever:

- great mother, has on-screen relationships with her children, but she’s not silent or saintly, nor is she defined/limited to that role.

- she’s an important character of her…


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So i have this big headcanon for Slytherin and it's this: modern day Slytherins and Hufflepuffs (because I feel Hufflepuffs would be friends with Slytherins) are relentlessly trying to eliminate the Slytherin stereotypes and show people that Slytherins are just ambitious, not evil, and that those who didn't fight in the war didn't want to go against their families. They are trying to abolish the evil rumors, going as far as trying to make friends with all Houses, evenhelping in House Pride Week.

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Jet Pack Fail on Live TV!

This is honestly a classic

And it starts right nooooooooooow